A Purple Review of the Alive and Active home exercise DVD!

In February this year we received a request from Simon at AliveandActive.co.uk to check out their exercise DVD. We’re happy to review any product or service using the willing members of our Purple Community, in fact it’s one of the things we’re keen to do, to help sort out the Purple from the Beige!

First we checked out their website and loved their goal:

‘To ensure that by keeping our elderly population active, they stay independent, confident and happy for as long as possible’.

We also passionately believe that exercise is the best way to live a healthier life for longer, so, after receiving a copy of their video we gave it to our lovely guinea pig Mrs KW who lives near Coventry; here is her report.

“This DVD is the best one I have found which is specially suited for the older person who has done no exercise and needs to start, or has done very little. I started a gentle exercise class once a week which is very similar; but once a week is not enough. This is perfect for me I can use it whenever I wish. The music is catchy and after a few times copying the screen I now instinctively do the movements. The sitting exercises are particularly good as all one needs is a dining chair and enough space to walk around it”. Mrs KW, Bedworth.

So it’s resounding ‘Purple’ for Alive and Active.

If you have a view of comment on this or any other product or service do let us know and if, like Simon, you want a product or service reviewed then email contact@daretobepurple.com. Our reviews are not edited (excepting spelling and grammar and only if absolutely necessary), so you’ll always get a genuine appraisal as to whether what you do is Purple or Beige!


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