The Purple Community – Celebrate Purple! Denounce the Beige!

In 2016 and beyond Dare to be Purple wants to keep on moving and to build a community to champion brighter, bolder and better designed enabling aids. We want to challenge the dull and uninspired and the frankly beige thinking that is being foisted upon the generations that were Mods, Rockers and Punks, rode motor cycles without helmets, went grape picking in France, hitched rides with strangers (and lived to tell the tale) and were the first to get to grips with new electronic technology in the home.

We’re not looking to be moaning minnies, we just want to encourage an inclusive, lively and ongoing discussion about the current products on offer and what we would want to see in the future. This Purple Community needs people like you to share your thoughts and ideas and in turn help designers and manufacturers who haven’t had any first-hand experience of living with mobility or other age related difficulties do a better job. The more followers we have, the more sway we’ll hold as a community!

We’d love to hear what you have to say – about products you’ve found, designs you enjoy using, or questions you’d like to ask each other or of our own Dare To Be Purple experts. Join us today by following us on Twitter or Facebook and help our community flourish!


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