Assisted living products shouldn't have to be beige! Dare To Be Purple Blog

So many assisted living products look clinical and unhomely… Are there better designs?

Assisted living products are designed to do exactly that – assist living. Unfortunately, it often seems as though this is the only design criteria and the product, however useful, just doesn’t look like something you’d want in your house. Although most of us will only need mobility aids in later years, there are those that require assisted living products from an earlier age. Just as children’s wheelchairs come in bright colours (and sometimes with superhero accessories), there’s no reason that other mobility aids shouldn’t be customisable to stages of life between between childhood and old age. Nobody chooses to paint their house beige, so why would they want to incorporate dull, grey living supports into their home? From bathing equipment to adapted couches, it’s hard to find something that fits in. You don’t want your home looking like a hospital… So what can you do?

Have no fear! At Dare to be Purple it’s our goal to show you better options that both function in the way that you need and look the way you want. Take your bathroom, for instance. If you need hand rails, there’s no need for them to be white or grey if you don’t want them to look medical. There are stainless steel alternatives, and putting in a rail with a slight bend or wave can add a stylish look to your necessary aid. Something previously purely functional now looks elegant and fits in to the personal interior of your home.

If you’ve ever spent time in hospital, you’ll know how horrible it can be… So why should you have to fill your home with hospital look-alikes? You don’t! One common qualm is bathing. The hospital suggestion is often a heavy, cumbersome shower chair on wheels, or a commode… No thanks! Living in your own home, particularly when you’re young, you need to be proud of where you live and take care of the rooms in which you’re going to spend a lot of time. A bathroom full of clinical-looking, clumsy bathroom aids won’t make you want to take care of your bathroom or spend time there. It’s time for an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ approach – throw out those beige bores and jazz up your bathroom with stylish and often discrete alternatives. There are some truly fantastic bathing aids out there that look like air cushions and fold up to the size of a bath towel. There are smart seats that lower into and then rise out of the water, and depending on the level support you need, you can find some with backrests and some without. As a paraplegic myself, I use a Mangar bathing cushion which inflates and deflates at the touch of a button, folds away, and comes with a portable battery pack. I don’t see any reason why my paralysis confines me to showers or why my bathing aid needs to look ugly.

Your living aids need to be something you want to use, not just because need to, but because you enjoy using them. Our aim, to bring designs to life, is fuelled by the desire to improve quality of life not just through functionality but by beautiful design. From the kitchen to the bedroom, you have more options than you think, so don’t settle for something that won’t bring pleasure or look right in your home. Out with the beige, in with the bold!


If you use Purple products in your life, we’d love to hear about them – get in touch with us here.


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